Stacey Fetzer | Class of 2021

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

"No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart."

Stacey's senior session gave me great euphoric vibes, it didn't seem real and as if I were in another world. This gorgeous gal was such a pleasure to photograph, capturing her photogenic nature gave me inspiration to start a blog with some of my best sessions! One of my favorite things about working with clients in my surrounding area is having the opportunity to make some sort of connection with them. Stacey is the epitome of the type of client I aim to work with. When Stacey reached out to me looking to get her senior pictures done, I could tell right away that she was a bubbly and bright girl which gave me the drive and excitement to show the world her amazing personality!

Stacey’s aesthetic and vibes came to me when I created her story board, full of modern urban areas like parking garages with huge pops of fall colors. Fall sessions are my absolute favorite! The color makes my heart swoon and I can never get enough! Mixing all of the gorgeous Autumn nature with some colorful urban locations was the perfect blend of awesomeness. Like I mentioned before, I felt like I was on cloud 9 photographing the beautiful Stacey Fetzer. I remember mentioning to Stacey how much I loved her style and wanting her Dr. Martens! They’re such a staple in your closet and you can wear them with anything. These images show you how comfortable she is in her skin and that she owns who she is as a person and I just love that about her! While trying to pull images for this post, I had the hardest time trying to narrow down the final images because the camera seriously loves this girl and there were so many gorgeous shots to choose from. We had the most beautiful light to work with- GOLDEN HOUR, my favorite time to photograph at! Which only added to the gorgeousness! When you see the photos below, you’ll totally see what I’m talking about!

I think my favorite part of this session was that Stacey could be herself and from that we were able to develop a personal connection of trust. Stacey, you are fierce, strong, so smart, down to earth, talented, and while you are so incredibly stunning on the outside, your true beauty shines from inside of you. I mean that with all my heart, just being in your presence gave me more life, energy, and striking creativity because you radiate all of those things! Everything she did whether that be her candid moments, posing talking about her future plans and what little things we enjoy was a deep honor. When I presented Stacey's gallery to her she told me:

" I couldn't have asked for a better photographer, you made all the things I wanted come to life. You're amazing, thank you so much!"

After Stacey graduates she plans on attending a community college to get her core classes out of the way, so she can finally work towards what she is passionate about. She hopes to major in psychology in the pursuit of fulfilling her dream to work with kids. Her patience and warm heart will play a big role in her future career! I am beyond excited for her future plans, as I know that she has the drive to conquer and push through whatever is thrown at her along with being open to new and amazing opportunities that come her way!

Stacey, thank you for letting me capture your unique story and sharing it with the world! Never stop being yourself, YOU ARE YOU, never let anyone change who you’re as a person. Finally, never stop running towards what you’re passionate about, and keep chasing your dreams love!

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