Meet Me


My name is Natalie and I am an Arizona-based photographer and videographer. I have a strong drive to capture raw moments of this beautiful life within a split second, that'll last forever. Telling your story through a portrait or cinematic way is just one way of showing you the beauty in this world. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to use the abilities that God has given to me to document your precious life with candid joy!


When it comes to creating content, nothing will ever mean more to me than to see the reaction of others when they see my work. It’s probably one of the most rewarding things about my job. I believe that my purpose is to capture the beauty of God’s people through the lens. When I adjust my settings right and put on the right lens everything becomes clear, all my work is for the glory of God!




I graduated from Concordia University Ann Arbor, with my Bachelor of Arts in "Digital Media Design" with a social media emphasis and a minor in "Marketing." I followed my dreams and it lead me to Muse Apparel- a fashion boutique in Central Phoenix, Arizona where I am the head photographer.  






I am servant leader with a positive mindset and love for Jesus as my forefront responsibility. Upon being a full time college student, I am also an athlete. I like to say that God blessed me with leadership qualities since the day I became a Girl Scout. Before coming to Concordia, I was involved in GSSEM for 13 years and was awarded the Girl Scouts highest honor; "The Gold Award”. I learned to put others before myself and by doing this I can make an impact and change in someones life and the community. Life is too short to be in anger or frustration. YOU are the only person that has the ability to control your life, emotions, thoughts and how you speak. Have confidence and faith that you have the ability to be successful and the tools needed for a happy life!